Sharpen your color correction skills with a master

Dale Grahn Color video preview
Learn how to create striking images naturally - no filters required. Whether you are a working colorist or just starting out, you'll find Dale's approach to be refreshing, fun, and occasionally mind-blowing.
Dale Grahn Color
Uncover the natural beauty in your photos
When you take a photograph, your job is only partly done. In most cases, it then takes subtle shaping of color and density to reveal the full story. Dale demonstrates how a few tiny changes can yield stunning results.
Practice and learn techniques
Practice and learn techniques
Can you match the master? See how Dale shaped the image, and then try to recreate the look yourself. Learn to "think color" using the same simple controls that Dale used to create the look of Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, and dozens of other films.

21 lessons, 3 difficulty levels.
Get instant scoring and stats. Watch Dale work with the image
Get instant scoring and stats
Watch Dale work with the image
Complete a color challenge in Dale Grahn Color, and immediately find out how you did. See what you missed, and what devious tricks Dale had up his sleeve.
Watch 20 exclusive video tutorials with Dale Grahn
Watch 20 video tutorials with Dale Grahn
Can't quite figure out how Dale did it?
Look over his shoulder as he describes, step by step, his approach to the image and why he did what he did. It's an unusual opportunity to watch a craftsman at work.
Try out your new skills on your own photos
Try out your new skills on your own photos
Use the same powerful interface to work with any photo in your iOS photo album. Amaze your friends, delight your clients, and frustrate your rivals.